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Physicians, Are you ready to Stop Charting at Night & Create Time for your Life outside of Medicine? Then we can help you!

The Charting Champions Program is a comprehensive coaching program that helps you find your specific strategies to create a clinical day that gets you home with everything done within the environment that you work in right now. Regardless of the EMR you use, the staff that you have, the method you use to chart and the appointment types that you book. Without having to wait for the system to change, The Charting Champions Program gives you a proven process that is helping hundreds of Physicians complete today’s work within the clinical hours & reclaim hundreds of hours per year.

The Charting Champions Program is only for Physicians, it’s a Lifetime access program (no ongoing costs once you are a member) & has CME Credits included (you can use CME funds to help you pay for the program, if applicable).

In addition to the proven process, you also get specific help within the 6 group coaching calls each month, additional expert guests each month and a very supportive community of your Physician peers to help you every step of the way.

I look forward to meeting you Friday 30th at the sponsored talk to answer any questions and look forward to seeing you inside the Charting Champions Program.




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