meghan davies and tatiana gayowsky

Tips for Being Environmentally Sustainable in Primary Care (Green Clinic)

Stream 2: Patient Care and Innovation

Learning In this session, participants will learn:

• The relationships between health, healthcare, and the environment

• Site infrastructure changes that can lessen waste production and lower carbon footprint

• Care-based ideas that can improve both patient and planetary health

At the end of this session, our hope is that participants will know more about our practical, tested, evidence based green health care initiative tools and be inspired to use them.

Presented by Dr. Meghan Davis, OMD Luminary Award Winner and Tatiana Gayowsky, Hamilton Family Health Team

Dr. Davis graduated from McMaster in 1986 from chemical Engineering and in 1992 from medical school. She has been practicing medicine in Hamilton since 1994 within a group family practice in the east end of the City. She is an associate lead physician at the Hamilton Family Health team where she has led the Green Initiative since November 2019. She also works with Cancer Care Ontario/Ontario Health as the medical lead for the Screen For Life mobile cancer screening coach and as the regional primary care. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster. Dr. Davis is passionate about proactive health care and wellness.

Tatiana Gayowsky graduated from McMaster University in 2019 with a combined honours Arts & Sciences and Anthropology degree and a minor in Psychology. Her dual passions for healthcare and environmentalism have led to her engagement with the Hamilton Family Health Team, assisting the Green Initiative Project there since January 2021.

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Sep 30 2021


10:05 am - 10:30 am


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