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The Future of Healthcare is Collaborative

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We are at a turning point in how we think of the health record and its role in healthcare delivery. In an age of ever-increasing amounts of health information and changing demands on healthcare, patients, primary care providers and healthcare teams need digital tools to better communicate with one another, to coordinate care and ultimately, to collaborate on improved health outcomes.

During this session, Dr. Puneet Seth, a practicing family physician and Managing Principal at TELUS Health, will discuss what collaboration means in the context of the health record, how TELUS Health is making this possible through its EMRs and patient engagement tools, and what the future looks like with the Collaborative Health Record (CHR).

Presented by Dr. Puneet Seth, Family Physician, Managing Principal, TELUS Health

Dr. Puneet Seth

Dr. Puneet Seth is a physician, technologist and entrepreneur who is passionate about redesigning healthcare. An alumnus of the School of Medicine at McMaster University, Dr. Seth has been engaged in the digital health industry for nearly a decade having worked on a healthcare podcast, a social media health educational tool and the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (formerly from InputHealth) – a future-forward digital health record platform. He is currently Managing Principal at TELUS Health, part-time Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct) at the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University, and a practicing physician in family medicine and occupational health in Toronto, Ontario. Dr. Seth routinely writes, speaks and advocates on improving patient access to their health information and accountability of the healthcare system. 

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Sep 30 2021


11:35 am - 12:00 pm


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