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Charting Champions – Stop Charting at Night, no matter which EMR you use!

The 4 step proven process to create a clinical day where you are closing charts and completing today’s work – regardless of which EMR you are currently using. Followed by an introduction to Charting Champions; the comprehensive, lifetime access program that provides all the tools, support and community to help you create time for your life outside of medicine.

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Dr. Sarah Smith

Dr Sarah Smith is the Charting Coach for Physicians and a practicing Rural Family Physician in Alberta. Sarah is the founder of the Charting Champions Program helping hundreds of Physicians across Canada and the US in the specific area of getting home with their charting and paperwork done.

Sarah has a passion for reducing burnout and overwhelm resulting from the administrative burden of Clinical Medicine. Using evidence based coaching to help Physicians find their most simple solutions within the clinical environments that they work in and no matter which EMR they use.


Sep 30 2022


12:05 pm - 12:30 pm


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